Our Approach

Invest In and Accelerate Growth Opportunities

We understand that even in this age of unprecedented technological advance, it is still really difficult to build a world-class technology business. CEOs of midsize companies face different challenges than entrepreneurs and large public company executives as they endeavor to scale and create breakout businesses. We partner with the management teams of these high potential midsize companies to help accelerate the growth of their business. We do this by applying our operational expertise, sector knowledge and broad industry relationships to expand customer opportunities, optimize business model innovation, hire key talent, and develop relevant ecosystems. We subscribe to an operational philosophy rooted in fact-based management, intellectual integrity, analytical rigor, open communication, simplicity and collaboration. We are “active” capital and invest in the tens of millions over the course of a company’s path to sustainability. We focus on products and solutions that provide differentiated value to enterprise and service provider customers in the form of tangible productivity gains or longer term competitive advantage. We strive to help build sustainable  businesses around these products to create enduring customer-centric technology brands.

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